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Family-run winery that has made of its location on the hills on the eastern border of Franciacorta its heart and soul, Le Cantorie rises on top of the hill of Casaglio in Gussago, surrounded by a beautiful valley made of terraces that seem painted.

The steep and exposed slopes – together with by a limy, clayey and rocky soil – give to the grapes cultivated by the Bontempi family minerality, freshness and flavour, perfect features for sparkling wines. The ventilated and dry area, then, is ideal for the production of high quality red wines, which need late harvests.

The love for the land, for the vine and for its products has accompanied the Bontempi family for generations. The sweet memory of the tradition meets, in the company, a strong interest in modernity, innovation and functionality. New organization, new spaces and new production techniques are harmoniously integrated in what appears to be an eighteenth-century castle, creating an evocative framework.

1998: The origins. Walls and historic vineyards:

1999: First works to build the supporting walls in the vineyards and deforestation for new plants:

2001: Start of the excavation works for the building of the cellar:

2002: Building of the first part of the cellar with the tower:

2003: First stone cladding outside and inside. Plantation of new vineyards adjacent to the cellar:

Via Castello di Casaglio, 24/25
fraz. Casaglio - 25064 Gussago BS (Italy)
T: +39 030 2523723 - F: +39 030 3450498