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Franciacorta Docg Rosè 2019

Emma e Flora

“Emma  Flora” a special, family Franciacorta.

Produced for the first time in 2019, the year of the birth of the Bontempi family's latest twins Emma and Flora, to whom this wine is dedicated, sealing the winery's all-female management. 

A wine produced in a limited edition, for only 600 bottles per year; a gem of the winery, where the grapes are selected during the harvest, vinified separately and then matured for 42 months on their own yeasts 

Made mainly from Pinot Noir grapes, this Franciacorta millesimato encapsulates all the elegance combined with the intensity of a great reserve. 

On the nose, ripe red fruits intertwined with hints of bread crust released by the long autolysis of the yeasts.

In the mouth a great fullness, combined with the savouriness and minerality typical of the eastern part of Franciacorta.

A captivating, fresh and distinctive appearance that best represents the twins Emma and Flora.


Franciacorta Docg Rosè 2019

Emma e Flora

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