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Franciacorta DOCG Nature

Erika Millesimato 2020

"Erika" one of the women of the Cantorie family after whom this Franciacorta millesimato is inspired. 

Produced for only 2,500 bottles per year, it was created to express the character of each vintage, expertly combining the finesse of Chardonnay and the intensity of Pinot Noir.

During the harvest phase, the vineyard and must that best manifest the characteristics of the current vintage are selected, thus creating a unique and distinguishable Franciacorta Nature.

It boasts an aging of 32 months on its lees and another 8 months after disgorgement; the combination of the two refinements give a unique balance between softness and freshness, giving a singular drinkability to this all-female Franciacorta.


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Franciacorta DOCG Nature

Erika Millesimato 2020

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