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I nostri vini:
il frutto della nostra passione

The annual production of Le Cantorie currently reaches 75,000 bottles, which are obtained exclusively through the direct processing of grapes from our own vineyards. Thanks to long-standing enthusiasm and passion for vineyards, we manage to produce Franciacorta wines with a very long ageing period, starting from 24/30 months up to 70 months. 

Not only Franciacorta, anyway: the promotion of the red wines typical of the area has a leading role in our production, which includes valuable, full-bodied and well-structured reserves.

Those produced by the Bontempi family are wines that should be carefully tasted and gently listened to. From the glass, the unmistakable aromas released by the strength of the earth will whisper in your ear; let your imagination take you to the places where they want to lead you: there you will find harmonies of scents and sensations that will sing the history of our vineyards.

Franciacorta Docg Saten


Franciacorta Docg Extra Brut

Il canto delle cicale

Franciacorta Docg Rosè

Rosi delle Margherite

Franciacorta Docg Pas Dosè Riserva

"El soc l'è bu"

Rosso Doc


Rosso Cellatica superiore Doc


Igt Sebino rosso riserva


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