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Franciacorta Docg Pas Dosè Riserva

"El soc l'è bu"

Only in particularly exceptional years does the company's flagship wine come into being: the Pas Dosé Riserva. This wine is not produced at every harvest: the oenologist, Elisabetta, waits patiently for the deserving vintage, with value and finesse capable of giving birth to this important Franciacorta. A 10% of the selected must is fermented in barriques and left there for a minimum of three months, in bâtonnage on its noble lees; then, after the second fermentation, faces a long aging period, ranging from 60 to 72 months. The lack of the addition of the liqueur d'expedition means that in the glass all the purity and the elegance of the Franciacorta base wine of Gussago can be found.

The strong and clear character of this reserve does not affect its great elegance, which reveal itself through a fine and delicate perlage, a golden yellow colour and a strong scent of yeasts, bread crust and ripe fruit. It has a very persistent taste, which maintains, however, an incredible freshness and minerality.


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Franciacorta Docg Pas Dosè Riserva

"El soc l'è bu"

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